The Nizam 

The collection derives inspiration from Nizams’ rich heritage & strives

to create a blend of the modern and traditional without altering the soul.

INR 556,000
18.2k Yellow Gold,32 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds, Polki  Diamonds. Total 2.58 carats. Tanzanite Bea..
emerald polki studs
INR 1 INR 1,086,000
18.2k Yellow Gold, Polki Diamonds. Total 18.25 carats. Emerald Stones. Total 18.54 carats...
INR 722,000
18.2k Yellow Gold, Polki Shape Diamonds , 232 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds. Total 3.824  carats. Eme..
INR 346,000
18.2k Yellow Gold, Polki Diamonds, 88 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds. Total 1.22 carats. Emerald Octag..
INR 516,000
18.2K Yellow Gold, Polki Diamonds ,4 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds. Total 0.7 Carat. , Emeralds, Tota..
INR 1 INR 1,220,000
18.2k Yellow Gold,Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds, Polkis. Total 7.81 Carats. Tanzanite Beads. Total 90..
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