Alter, change and improve your old treasures to create new and revived designs tailored for you....

Upholding the ageless legacy, Mirari believes that the art of jewellery redesigning will continue to prosper. The new recreated design will weave in nostalgia by preserving legacy, memories and sentimental values of heritage with a stroke of fresh modern idealism popular amongst today’s wearers, who believe in planning for a promising tomorrow with their cultural roots intact. To ensure that Mirari never falls short of these ambitions over time, the company only uses state-of-the-art production equipment and ensures that every piece is sold with stone quality certified to the highest possible standard.

Mira Gulati, Founder and Principal Designer, Mirari, says “Every piece of jewellery holds a special place in a woman's heart. With an outlook to keep it special forever, we started this redesigning concept. With an intensive designing thought process, the jewellery is given a new look without touching or hampering the sentiments attached to it. More is played around the jewellery style, while the emotional value remains intact.”

Custom Made

Designs made for you......and only you!

Mirari aims to realize fantasy to reality and thus came out with the concept of customized treasures. This not only garnered a lot of Mirari patrons but also enabled to spread many smiles through the service. The statement jewellery has become the talk of the town and thus a customized one has become a need of the hour. Being off-the-shelf, they completely reflect the personality of the wearer.

A custom made order is one which every jewellery connoisseur fancy for- A bespoke treasure. The idea is to bring out a dream jewellery piece to life. These tailor made, handcrafted creations are an outcome of meticulous workmanship. Being a made to order service, the designs are first tried in sketch looking up to the inspired designer which is then shared with the client for their suggestions. The design is conceptualized from the scratch since its inception as per the client’s ideas and requirements. Mirari works closely with the client to understand the idea and the expectation. Every gemstone, design, choice of motif and metal is discussed before crafting the final masterpiece. Thus the whole devotion leads to a beautiful idea to a glorifying ensemble.

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