Cleaning and Polishing

We recommend that you bring your Jewelry to Mirari boutique annually to have them checked and restored to their original effulgence. After a careful inspection of the jewel and based on its characteristics and conditions, our team may recommend basic cleaning, polishing, to remove any scratches and preserve its shine and grandeurs.


Your Mirari jewel can be personalised by engraving a name, or a message (Subject to technical possibilities).

Re-sizing Service

This can be performed on a bracelet, necklace, chain or a ring; this service consists of increasing or reducing the size of the piece within limitations and without affecting its aesthetic and quality.

Though some pieces, due to their uniqueness in design manufacturing, cannot be re-sized.

Repair Service

Your Mirari jewel is a precious creation. It requires a proper care in its use and handling. If your jewel suffers a shock or hit, or if you see any signs of damage, you should refrain from wearing it until you have had it examined by an expert at our Store.