Wearing your fine jewelry

Mirari jewelry pieces are created by using exceptional gemstones and precious metals selected for their aesthetic quality and rarity. To preserve their brilliance, it is recommended that you handle them with care.

It is best to avoid wearing your jewelry in the following situations:

  • When washing your hands with soaps.
  • When doing activities requiring the use of corrosive products (gardening, cleaning, etc.) as this can cause damage to the stones.
  • When practicing sports, in order to avoid impacts and scratches.
  • Exposing jewelry to strong heat and extreme temperature changes as it can irreversibly damage precious stones.
  • Use on perfume and make-up while wearing your jewelry: the chemicals in them can be harmful to certain stones.

Storing of Jewelry Pieces

One piece of jewelry can easily scratch another. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you store each piece individually in its case or any other pouch.

Care for fine jewelry pieces

To preserve the brilliance of your Fine Jewelry pieces, special care must be given to each type of gemstone. We recommend that you bring your Fine Jewelry to Mirari Boutique once a year so that our expert jewelers may care for each piece.

  • If your jewelry suffers a shock or hit, the stone setting may need to be checked. Avoid forcing clasps, joints and metal frames and be sure to check that the clasp and safety latch close properly. You should contact Mirari boutique for any assistance required in such cases